Support Groups & Mentoring Program

BCFO hosts the following support groups each month:

  • Branson Breast Cancer Support Group – Contact Jill Gold, Program Director, for information on meeting times and location at or call 417-862-3838.

To learn more about starting a BCFO sponsored Breast Cancer Survivor Group in your area, please contact our program director 417-862-3838.


Mentoring Program

A Mentor Speaks Up on Reasons to Join “One to One” When Newly Diagnosed…

“When a woman is newly diagnosed, she can experience a huge array of emotions. Many times, it is very difficult to know where or who to turn to for support and unconditional understanding. Your mentor has been exactly where you are now and may be able to help. Many of us who have experienced a cancer journey similar to yours wish that there had been someone there for us to relate to in our time of need.” – Mary Beth, mentor for over 10 years

For more information on joining “One to One” for support or on volunteering through this program, please contact the program director at 417-862-3838.

BCFO offers the “One to One” Mentoring Program to provide emotional support to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Someone who has been recently diagnosed is paired with a mentor who is a survivor of similar disease with similar age and lifestyle traits. A mentor provides a listening ear for someone who is likely to have many concerns and questions about how to cope with a new diagnosis. A mentor can provide information on frequently asked questions, friendship, educational materials and, above all, a listening ear when it is most needed. Contact us to be paired with a mentor as soon after diagnosis as possible.