Children's Fund Holiday Drive


November 1st to December 31st


University Plaza Hotel
& Convention Center


Each year, Tony Stubblefield and friends at Reliable Superstore issue a challenge to the community.  For every dollar raised during the Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Children’s Fund Christmas Drive, the team at Reliable Superstore will match dollar for dollar up to a set amount, as much as $25,000.  This challenge grant begins November 1 and ends December 31.  It’s a great way to double the impact of your year-end charitable gift.

Just like Tony and Rosalie, you, too, can make a positive change in the lives of these families and children. This effort provides extra funds for children during the holidays, a time when hope and happiness are needed the most. Your donation to our Holiday Drive can truly help a family who had been affected by breast cancer. Any donation is always deeply appreciated by our organization and those who will benefit from it.

How the Children's Fund Holiday Drive Helps

The expenses associated with breast cancer treatment can put both a financial and emotional strain on a family. Lost work, medical expenses, taxing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and frequent travel are just a few examples of the challenges that these families face. The myriad of problems the family must face on a daily basis means that the needs of children in the family aren’t always fulfilled. During 2018, 163 children received much needed care through this fund.

The Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Children’s Fund provides services such as child care, school lunches, school supplies, clothing, eyeglasses, orthodontics, holiday gifts, and more. 

Rosalie, who taught children throughout her career, is passionate about child welfare and childhood opportunities. “During treatment for breast cancer, a family frequently cannot afford the costs associated with traveling to treatment or paying household bills.  Children’s needs often go unaddressed during periods of family crisis, stated Rosalie.  Her legacy gift to endow the Children’s Fund, with the support of her children, Randy Wooten and Carrie and Casey McLiney, will help sustain this gift for future generations. 

Christmas Gift Push

Christmas morning gives every one of those children a chance to smile again and share a positive memory with their parents.  With your help, BCFO strives to provide normalcy for these children.  They are especially vulnerable during the holidays.  The Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Children’s Fund allows our community to provide for these children. 

Your contribution to this effort will provide a $100 gift card to every child in the homes of BCFO patients, which will allow parents to purchase a gift for their children during the holidays. Additionally, your gift to the Children’s Fund helps provide year-round funding for the children affected by breast cancer. Help us bring joy to a child and hope to a parent’s heart in a time when it means the most.  We wish you a blessed holiday season!

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